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"The tatau (tattoo) is known to hold the power of healing a wounded spirit. There are people who go into a tatau with a broken heart or an evil spirit. They may feel aggressive and confused. Their expectation of the tatau is to make him invincible.

What they will find is that it makes them passive. They will be able to face challenges in a more open frame of mind. The tatau will help them to understand the mana (spirit) brought to them. The tatau is all about the truth that lies within a man or a woman. It is not just an ornament. When one does wear a tatau and doesn't fully understand it, all they went through, was for nothing. They will simply have a painted body. Their soul will never be complete and pure."

by Chief Sielu Avea

5th Sun T-Shirt Collection

Mike Karpf "qintosolinker" is the new Artist & Designer
for the new „5th Sun Collection“.

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